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Thursday, October 2

Exquisite Sessions Beauty Marathon

October 18th & 19th! If you're interested, head on over to http://www.bit.ly/BeautyMarathon and purchase your slot!

This will be the very last marathon I'll be able to offer to the Clovis area, so hurry!!!

Monday, August 18

The Exquisite Sessions | Promo

I have some "OH-SO-AMAZING" news to share with you. :) I have a promo video!!!

I'm freaking out over my beautiful promo video for my Exquisite Sessions marathon in September (even more so that I can cut off the ad for the marathon later and use it as just a regular promo!). I am so, so grateful to Candice Ilia for all of her help in not only shooting, but organizing a major part of the day. This girl is an amazing friend and has more business sense in her pinky than I have in my whole being. She's taught me so much and I couldn't even begin to express my gratitude for her presence in my life. I also have to give a giant shoutout to Martiya - my fabulous makeup artist and promo video model - for being such a flawless, bubbly and brave woman. You are such an inspiration. You make ME feel special anytime I'm around you and I'm not even the client! I love both of you ladies so very, very much!

Check out the promo video and let me know what you think!!! :)

You can view it here: Exquisite Sessions Promo Video OR you can see it on the website!

P.S. Have you popped over to the website this week? If not, click this link to check it out!I posted a gallery with some pictures I KNOW you haven't seen yet. I'd love for you to take a look and let me know what you think over on the facebook page!

Monday, May 5

Bryanna {Clovis, New Mexico Bridal Photography}

I adore playing. A adore playing even MORE when there's a wedding dress involved. Add in some of my favorite photographers and I'm in heaven.

 Britt & Kayla - I love you two! Thank you for being my friends and my inspiration!

Tuesday, April 22

Kali {Newborn - Clovis, NM Photography}

Isn't this sweet little girl precious?! She was such a doll for her session!

Friday, February 28

Matt & Amy {Engaged - Clovis, NM Photography}

This insanely gorgeous couple is getting married TOMORROW. I can't believe I haven't shared these images yet (oh, wait...yes, I can. Because I'm ridiculous and totally lose track of actually posting things - SORRY!). I am SO freakin' excited to spend the day with them and capture their day. Seriously - amazing venue, amazing couple, lots of portrait time, a first look, a photo booth (complete with a flamingo!) - couldn't be a more fun day. So happy for these two!

Amy and I became friends through a chance encounter. She sold me a super pretty gown off a local yard sale site. Me, being friendly and slightly crazy, started up a quick conversation with her when I went to go pick up the dress. She probably thought I was nuts, but we hit it off so well in those few moments, that I dove right in and asked if she'd like to have lunch sometime. And she said, "Yeah!" Thus began the start of a beautiful friendship! I'm so honored that Amy & Matt chose me to be their photographer and adore them for taking their photography needs so seriously. I can't wait to show you the amazingness of their wedding!

Huge thanks to Jenna Prior for her creative genius and her awesome photography skills. Thanks for coming along, friend!

Thursday, January 9

twenty.thirteen | to a new year {Clovis, NM Photography}

I have been oh so very neglectful of my blog. And I'm terribly sorry for that. I have the best readers and most loyal subscribers and I have left you in the dust. Same goes for Facebook. I have been so bad at posting peeks and interacting with y'all. I hope you know how much I truly appreciate each of you and value you sticking with me. Big, puffy hearts, y'all!

So, what have I been up to?!

I've been focusing a little bit more on The Exquisite Sessions. I really, really love women's portraiture and have been enjoying changing ladie's views of themselves. Us women are SO hard on ourselves and being able to show someone how beautiful they are WITHOUT a ton of Photoshop, WITHOUT changing who they are - it has been SO fulfilling.

I hit my 50th wedding this year - which is just shocking to me. I can't believe that I've photographed that many couples! It's such an honor to be chosen to tell a couple's love story. And I can't wait to tell hundreds more!

I'm stoked to announce that I'm finally specializing. I'm only photographing couples, beauty and newborns now. No more families and no more children. I have found my joy in telling love stories, making women feel beautiful and cuddling up with sweet babies. I'm passing the torch off to FABULOUS photographers in the area that specialize in working with children and families.

Lastly, I've been working harder on balance. Learning how to accept and embrace what Multiple Sclerosis brings to the table is a real challenge. One that has taken me a while to look in the eye. But the fact is that it's here, there's no cure, it's not going anywhere. So, I either take it for what it is and do everything I can while balancing the rest and care I need...or I stay in bed all the time and let it take me. I refuse to sink. I refuse to allow MS to be my definition. I choose to spit in the face of being told "no" and show that it IS possible for me to do whatever I want.

I'm catching up and posting lots of photos, so keep an eye out. Lots of gorgeousness to be seen!!!

Bri {Bridals - Clovis, NM Photography}

My two MOST favorite things in the world are weddings and glamour. Combined? That's right, BRIDALS! Bri had me take these gorgeous images a few months ago and I can finalllllly share them because she & Matt are married now!

Bri, you're stunning. Seriously. Congrats, lady!!!

Are you looking for a wedding photographer in New Mexico or Texas? Know someone getting married? Get in touch with me by emailing me at manda@mandolinproductions.com for information on working together!
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